myFleatrap ecological, environmentally friendly flea catcher for your home.

Price: $39.99

myFleatrap is a safe, cordless and highly effective device designed to rid your home of fleas swiftly and efficiently.myFleaTrap gets rid of fleas overnight, from any room you place it in. It has a 40 feet of range, so no matter the size of the room, myFleaTrap will clear it of fleas. myFleaTrap not only catches the fleas on your carpet overnight, it will continue to collect fleas as they emerge in your home.myFleaTrap™ is designed for use indoors and in semi-enclosed, covered areas. The trap will attract fleas in the same room it is located and operates best in darkened areas. The trap will operate effectively when located adjacent to a wall or in the corner, facing the room.Without any chemicals, our trap simply attracts and catches the fleas and comes with a set of disposable adhesive sheets. It is the safest, most environmentally friendly solution to your flea problem.